Friday, 15 September 2017

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside...

Our last hours on the Isle of Wight have been filled with real air on the beach! 

We've been paddling, creating pictures in the sand and searching for shells.

Challenge Course

The last activity this morning for groups 1 and 3 was the challenge course, better known as the "Challenge of Doom."

Our instructors, Freya and Richard, showed us how to go round first. We tried each station, then there was an extra challenge. We had to get glasses of water, cones and balls from one side to another. Working in pairs or team work was essential.


Everything has been packed and loaded onto the coach.

The sun is shining again, (even Miss Leftley saw the amazing sunrise this morning - there's a first time for everything!) the sky is blue. With the children wearing their school sweat shirts they are well camouflaged as they jump from the trapeze.

Bradley on the way down.

Levi climbing...
Levi get's ready to jump.

Amelia climbing up.

Bradley does some belaying.


Darcie just hanging around!


Sam poised to jump...

Sam - action  shot!